Our Services

Total Security Services:

Total Security Solutions offers a wide variety of security-related services, all dedicated to providing you a comprehensive, high quality solution to your security needs. Our areas of expertise include:



Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) & Video Systems

At TSS, we offer a wide variety of surveillance video systems.

  • We can engineer anything from a single camera to 32 or more cameras.
  • We utilize fixed, scanning and full pan-tilt zoom cameras remotely controlled.
  • We have systems that detect motion and only record when it "sees" an object enter through a protected area.

With systems(s) like ours, you will now be able to comfortably go away and still view everything that is happening at your place of business!


Access Control Systems

Electronic Card Access Systems are one of the best investments you can make in your business. It will solve many of your security issues. With an Access Control System, you can:

  • Restrict access to certain people
  • Restrict a person's access to a certain area
  • Have time restrictions
  • Reporting and Accountability
  • Specifiy Access Levels
  • Have the ease of turning a badge off at a click of a button with a personal change

We can design a one-door access system of a hundred-door access system. With an access control system, not only will you know who was at your business, but when and how they acted. That presents a whole new level of accountability.



TSS has a solution for all your lock needs. We offer:

  • Our own restricted keyway with Non-Duplicatable keys
  • We can engineer anything from a master key system to High security locks
  • We also do the repair & re-key to your current locks

We can service and install all your locksmithing needs.



Safes are an important investment for every person and business. TSS can:

  • Open
  • Service
  • Repair all your safe needs

Not only do we service your current safe(s), we can specially order any type of safe you need. While ordering a new safe, we can also dispose of any safe that is no longer needed.


Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems

Intercoms and telephone entry systems can be used on many different types of businesses. Some applications are used for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Medical Suites
  • And many other functions

We design and install any type of entry system for your business needs.